PIC Analytics has been planning events with Analiza since 2019. Our goal is to create events specifically related to the applications of physicochemical properties in early drug discovery. A variety of topics have been covered over the years, many of which address the challenges presented by larger molecules. We hope that by attending our events, you will connect with industry professionals who will share their experiences using physicochemical properties. Our hope is that these workshops will foster constructive interaction among attendees, identify areas of need within the field, and create opportunities for research collaborations.





The Physicochemical Properties Workshop is now a free, virtual event. Last year, Analiza and PIC Analytics hosted a live workshop in the Boston area to generate interest and create some dialogue around the importance of measuring physicochemical properties in early drug discovery. We were able to gather 30 people from 19 companies, and we learned that this is an area in the discovery process that is still evolving and posing challenges.

For this year’s workshop, we plan to host a single, 1-hour virtual event every few weeks until the end of 2020. Here is what you can expect from this year’s workshop:

  • Each virtual event will be free to attend.
  • The presentations will focus mainly on case studies. If you are seeking information about specific properties and how they can best be measured, then we recommend inquiring about Physicochemical Properties Bootcamp, a new lecture series we recently launched.
  • Speakers from a diverse pool pharmaceutical companies.
  • We will provide slides in advance, but only if we have the speaker’s permission.

The 1st session will be an open forum to discuss needs in terms of physicochemical property descriptors, measurements and interpretation related to the expansion of chemical space.