18 months ago, I founded PIC Analytics with the goal of providing scientific insights and advice to teams and companies in need of technical and strategic support in Analytical Chemistry towards pre-clinical development. With a clear business plan in hand and a solid portfolio of projects, I started the 2020 year with new objectives for growth. All the stars were aligned for success.

And then, an uninvited, insidious, and invisible entity has invaded our world, overwhelming all of us, changing every aspect of our daily life, our way of building a network and relationships, our perspectives and values on a personal and professional level.

We are all experiencing this roller coaster of emotions, and during bad days, we have this sense of big loss and bigger fear as we have to face an uncertain future. But, we have good days too! Days of hope for a cure, whether it is a vaccine or a treatment, and we, as scientists, would like to contribute to any development. The number of daily posts on LinkedIn is the proof that many scientists in pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies are working hard and are committed to use their knowledge and expertise to save the world.

So how can we help? How, as an independent consultant, director of a company of one employee can I help?

There is help to be provided on the front of COVID-19, of course, but there is a need to keep working on other diseases, as people are also suffering from different forms of cancer, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and cardiovascular diseases.

This pandemic situation came on the top of existing scientific challenges and is triggering new working models to implement the social distancing concept implemented to save us. These new models might not always be compatible with lab work, with productivity and efficiency in the way we have been applying them for the last two decades. But, we will adapt to this new situation. We have to be flexible, and we have to accept it and modify our visions and our plans to live with this new level of difficulty, if not complexity. This is about resilience and about creativity to positively and happily fit in a new landscape. This is about finding our position and role in the new picture and defining our own future to evolve with positivism, serenity, and harmony in a constantly moving world. The confinement we have been going through has probably given us time to re-think our role, to re-evaluate our strengths, and to re-define our aspirations.

My inner reflection on my skills and on my aspirations has led me to re-inforce the vision I have for my consulting company. It is still about training scientists and sharing my experience and expertise. It is also, and more than ever, about problem-solving and leading people and companies to find solutions to their scientific challenges through coaching and mentoring. If achieving these goals is based on the experience acquired during the last 28 years in the pharmaceutical industry, it also requires a lot of constant learning and time investment in getting trained to strengthen scientific knowledge. Therefore, in the last eight weeks spent in lockdown, I have been reading a plethora of scientific paper; I have been attending dozens of scientific webinars on different technologies, preparing scientific trainings I will provide on-line as a way to equip scientists with the right tools for them to apprehend the challenges they face. Our scientific future is framed with a lot of complex obstacles that will be addressed if we show integrity, if we develop quality, and if we treat them with the rigor and seriousness they require. I have a role to play here and I strongly believe in these values towards achievements and accomplishments.

So, dear clients, I care for you, and I will stand behind you. I have your back and I am here for you whenever you need insights and perspectives to help you develop tools and solutions to optimize the science you work on. You can rely on me to support you and your team’s needs and efforts to move forward in your quest for treatment and cure to save people.